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Tropic of Cancer

A Land of Rain and Promise

El Camino Cielo
"before night falls", a time for drunken*horses, ailing underground transit networks, aimless california mallratting, apocalyptic westerns, april in paris, bare winter trees, being down+out in beverlyhills, black night is falling, blue 80s blazers, broken down beer-hall balladeering, but whatendswhen thesymbols shatter?, cannery row, clifftop fox-trots, corona&lime, cowboys, crazy cracked-out coffee conversations, crazy spidermonkey antics, crispcoolair of desertedstreets, cute*girls brushing*hair behind ears, cycling thru sweatysexkiss pyrenees, david lynch, devilishly attractive cartographers, disappear here, divine lupine heritage, do you nomi?, emerging from thevalley, empty bars, enlightenment, fast*times at ridgemont high, fearless rascals in mustangs, fearsome personalities, ferris bueller's day off, finches swooping down everywhere, fiorucci welcomes the new-wave, fleshy flappergirls fingering garters, forget-it jake its chinatown, frost flowers blooming, funny how secrets travel, getting caughtin the rain, goonies, grace kelly, harsh iberian sunlight, haruki murakami, highway 49 and 61, homer simpson, ice clinking in whiskeyglass, independent films, indiana jones & shorty, industrial, james dean drivingthrough theguardrail, jodorowsky nightmares, john cusack, johnny depp, kimnovak fallinginto sanfransisco bay, less than zero, lettingthedays go by, lone headlights inthe desert, lonely bookstores in therain, long eyelashes flicking cheeks, long slow tides oflonging, los toreros, lost intheshadow of sidewalks, loud mountain motorcycle madness, madhatters tea party, madracket minuet mayhem makeovers, mai tais, making love onthe riviera, marlboro cowboys in autumn, matka boska, melting chocolate sextonguing, mexicanfarmers on greyhound buses, midnight in thegardenof good&evil, mojitos & mambo, monkeys, moving shadows on*the saltpan, my own private idaho, newer wave, no wave, northerly winds, old books, on broadway, our lady of czestochowa, parker lewis can't lose!, pecan pie, peking opera, perpetrating stylish hijinks, perry mason solves again, picking-up and leaving, pluto, poetic justice, polar soundscapes, post-punk pop-tarts, pretty in pink, raymond chandler, river phoenix, rolling down grassy slopes, rusty nails, saint elmo's fire, save ferris!!!, shoegaze, sixteen candles, sleek shimmery drum-beat caresses, soft drifts of snow, soft jazz bynight, sold mysoul to thedevil, sonic death, southern hospitality, spaghetti westerns, spanish crooners deadandgone, spicoli, stars, stellar regions, strictly honor among thieves, sunsets, swimming straightout to sea, symbolic sparrows, t-dot, takeshi kitano, tender sunrise over*the prairie, the big sleep, the breakfast club, the cinema of transgression, the expanding universe, the peach pit, the scent of sexysummerjazz, thewoman with the molassesvoice, thurston moore, top 5 records, tortilla flat, totaltrash in tinseltown, tour de france, traintrack blues songs, trudging lost highways, urban-noir murder mysteries, vincent gallo, vudu fetishers dancing onmygrave, waking up inthe fields, walkingbyrivers that neverexisted, watching the silverscreen, wave after wave, wavelength, wes anderson, what is victorias secret?, white-hot highlights, wong kar-wai, zen riddles, ,